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Afghan Air Force (2024) Aircraft Inventory

Current Active Inventory: 17 Aircraft

Afghanistan National Flag Graphic
NOTE: Due to the American withdrawal of Afghanistan in August of 2021, and the subsequent takeover of the country by Taliban forces, the following values on this page can no longer be considered accurate.

The following represents an overview of the modern aerial fighting capabilities of the Afghan Air Force (2024). The service currently counts 17 total units in its active aircraft inventory. The WDMMA review takes into account specific categories of aircraft covering attack, logistics, special-mission, and general support types. Inventory numbers and related aircraft types / variants are provided as-is and derived from publically-available information / sources. "Outlook" results are related to any future airframes currently under procurement though said airframes may not be delivered for service in the current year for various reasons. "Readiness Rates" are based on the published USAF standard. Due to discrepancies regarding UAV reporting between countries and sources, unmanned vehicles are currently not tracked by WDMMA.

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Total Aircraft: 17

Aircraft at 50.0% Readiness Rate
Aircraft at 70.0% Readiness Rate
Aircraft at 75.0% Readiness Rate
Aircraft at 80.0% Readiness Rate
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TrueValue Rating assesses air service current strengths/weaknesses matched against top performer USAF (242.9).
Global Rank
104 /103
Global Rank as compared to national powers of WDMMA. 103 total air services from 103 nations are tracked. View Current Ranks.
Force Concentration

Attack: 0 units
Support: 17 units
Training: 0 units
Future: 0 units

Material Suppliers (Past and Present)

Primary (1)

National flag of the United States
Secondary (1)

National flag of the Soviet Union

Helicopters (11)

Airframes detailed as manned rotary-wing platforms used in the transport, special-mission, or direct-attack roles.

Armed Scout

Total Units: 11 (65%)

Transports (6)

Airframes used in the dedicated hauler role, serving either military or high-government personnel or in supply / cargo delivery.

Cessna 208
Antonov An-32 (Cline)

Total Units: 6 (35%)

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